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Advantages of Automatic Soldering Compared to Manual Soldering

Date:2021-09-23 11:35:45  Views: 1816
Advantages of Automatic Soldering Compared to Manual Soldering

At present, automatic soldering machine has been widely promoted and applied, compared with manual soldering, the advantages of automatic soldering machine robot is very obvious. Today we would like to give you a brief overview of the main advantages of using automatic soldering machines.

I. Advantages Over Manual Labor

1. Frequent movement of labor causes training and management costs increase. The automatic soldering machine only needs manual picking up and changing, does not need to spend too much time, can be directly applied to the production.

2. Manual soldering, product quality will have large fluctuations. It has relatively high failure rate, poor consistency and difficult quality control. Robot welding, stable product quality, stable efficiency, high productivity, and relatively sustainable long time work. If automatic welding machines are used, the quality and efficiency of the product is stable, the productivity is high, and the work can be continued for a relatively long time.

3. Off-season and peak season is obvious, the quality of goods is not stable when there are many orders. The company can't recruit people when it's busy and can't afford to keep people when it's idle. Soldering robots can work 24 hours without exhaustion, and there is no waste of human resources in the off-season.

II. Control of Auxiliary Materials

Raw materials are constantly rising, prices are constantly being lowered, and profit margins are decreasing. Competition is fierce, homogenization is serious, artificial welding accessories are uncontrollable and wasteful.

And automatic welding machine: 1. Spot welding: can save 15% on the basis of manual welding; 2. Drag welding: can save 30% on the basis of manual welding.

III. Advantages of Process Quality Control


Manual welding arbitrariness, can not really achieve standardization and consistent welding, and fluctuations of welding is great.

Robot welding process is divided into: the first time to send tin, pre-heating; the second time to send tin welding, the third time to send tin lag time. The parameters of each step are controlled by PLC, fully realizing the process can be controlled, so as to ensure the quality of product soldering, there will be no false soldering.

IV. Adaptation of Product Types:

Automatic soldering machine has spot welding, drag welding, automatic cleaning, skipping and other functions. It is adapted to all kinds of electronic components, such as capacitors, resistors, row array, row wire, shielding box and other perforated hand insert welding.

It can be seen that the automatic soldering machine can effectively guarantee the quality of the product and improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, which can be your better choice for purchasing automation equipment.