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The Technical Director of a Electronics Group in Shenzhen Came to Okata for Inspection

Date:2021-09-23 11:25:52  Views: 1633
The Technical Director of a Electronics Group in Shenzhen Came to Okata for Inspection


The technical director of a Shenzhen electronics group, Mr. Huang, visited Guangdong Okata Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. on July 28, 2021, to inspect our self-developed automatic screw-driving machine GT-LS1204S. The company's executives and technicians accompanied and explained the advantages of our automatic screw-driving machine, and the direction of future development. The company's research and development of automatic screw-driving machine, automatic soldering machine, as well as automation standards to meet the needs of customers non-standard customization.

The company's technical staff, Mr. Li, explained in detail the maintenance process of automatic screw-driving machine as follows:

In the whole process of work, some common problems are inevitable. Therefore must do a good job of maintenance. In addition to maintenance work, what matters must be noted in the application of automatic screw-locking machine?

Automatic Screw-driving Machine

1. Start the machine for trial operation and check the actual effect and quality of the finished product. After everything is running smoothly, you can use the production with peace of mind.

2. Carry out quality inspection and characterization on time.

3. Check the status of air exchange and power connection, and open the power switch and valve.

4. According to different commodities to carry out program writing manipulation, check all the parts of the drive stroke arrangement. Automatic screw machine as the main equipment for intelligent work, its maintenance work can not be ignored. Its construction principle is not very difficult to understand. As long as we pay attention to the subtle key points in the application of the whole process, we can reasonably prevent safety accidents, increase the use of equipment.

Established in 2005, Guangdong Okata Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has always been specializing in the development and production of high-precision automation equipment. We are committed to the machine instead of man and create unmanned production workshop. With "automatic soldering machine, automatic screw-driving machine, automatic dispensing machine" as our core products, we have formed systematic solutions and application equipments for different industries such as electronics, electrical appliances, digital, home appliances, toys, communication, automotive, new energy and so on, and have gradually developed into a well-known enterprise in the industry.